Sunday, December 30, 2012

23.... && Christmas Time && Wedding Bells

Brady turned 23 in November!!! We celebrated his and Brittney's birthday at Classic Skating. Man oh man, I love classic skating! I started off with legit roller skates and I could not handle them.. I switched and rented real roller BLADES then all was well! Avery fell asleep on the drive down and slept through the entire thing!!! We sang, opened presents, ate cup cakes, and laugh/talked the night away while little Avery slept like a rock. She woke up for one last circle around the rink with Dad for his birthday! 

I made Brady a MOUNTAIN DEW birthday cake!

Brittney & Brady blowing out the candles :]

Brady & I leaving the country on our way to CANCUN!!!

Me & Brady being beach bums! The water was perfect temperature and the weather was perfect.. i think i will have to make a separate blog post with all of out trip pictures and stuff.. love our little second honeymoon.. just the two of us!

We had so awesome Family Photos done by Adrienne Danielle Photography! 
She did an AMAZING job! Here are a few of my favorites!
 Check out more of her stuff @
Thanks Adrienne!! I love them!!

{Daddy & Little Girl}

{Lister Family 2012}


One of our Christmas traditions! We went with the Sheffield's and "Grammy Auger" 
It was so fun! They had all the different Nativities scenes, which upon approaching I said
"Look at the natives!" Which i continued to be teased the rest of the night.. oh well it was pretty funny.. :]

Avery got spoiled this year for Christmas, actually we all got spoiled!
Avery got a dolly stroller/high chair 5 piece set from Santa
A Minney Mouse push car from Grandma & Grandpa Lister
Toy table from Aunt Mindi & Uncle Dan
A small wagon with a big monkey from Audree
Christmas jammies & cash from Grammie and Grandpa Auger
To name a few!
Brady got me a iPad 3!!! Clothes, towels, and perfume! {i'm totally him}
I got Brady two guns and some bullets, a few other small things
Together we got a ridiculously large 70 inch TV {it seemed huge when we brought it home.. now it just seems normal..}

Avery was not Santa's biggest fan.. to say the least! We tried twice and both times big crocodile tears came out and she wanted OFF! However, once safely in Mama's arms she would give him a high 5, and bump fists! Oh well, there is always next year!

 Jaxon got a new Dog House Tent! He loves it! He always want to be right next to the sliding door anyways!
Of course Daddy & Avery needed to test it before giving it to Jaxon! Those two are so cute together! Always playing!! {Love them}

 Avery & Taylor on Christmas Eve!! Look at these cute looking kids!! 


Avery loves, loves, loves, loves {did i mention LOVES} Bath time! She is a little fish! She about dies when it is time to get out!

Avery is quite the {TODDLER}! She is so smart! I think we are officially off night time bottles, almost done with binkies, and working on talking & Sign language! She amazes me more and more everyday and i feel so privileged to be Her Mama! 


It is official folks!! Derick Taylor and {My sister} Brielle Auger are... ENGAGED!!! I'm so so happy for them! They are getting married April 4th!! Can not wait!!! It is going to be EPIC! Love you guys!!!


Thanks for stopping by... and getting through the entire post.. you deserve a prize or something ! :]

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